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New Sheath added to line -up.  #1003

It will fit up to 8 inch long blade up to 2 inches wide. It will also hold a 6 inch knife securely as well if you have more than one application

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Food safety in growing fresh produce is not optional

All fresh produce growers need to consider food safety as part of their growing and handling operations. Like large growers, small growers should make changes to continuously improve food safety, despite being exempt from food safety laws.

Posted by Phil Tocco, Michigan State University Extension

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Welcome.......The Leafy Green Knife Sheath was developed exclusively for Harvest Knife Sanitation, protection and storage during harvesting and maintaining compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarked Audit Schemes, 3rd party auditing firms, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP's) and Good Handling Practices (GHP's)

Our product is designed to provide and maintain sanitation requirements for harvesting tools as required by the new (FSMA) Food Safety Modernization Act and Field Operations & Harvesting Harmonized Food Safety Standard.

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Manufactured from high quality ABS plastic

 Sheaths are bacteria and fungus resistant tested-Antibacterial

Both Designs Rigidity molded and sealed #1002 has
stainless steel rivets

The sheaths were tested in 200ppm Chlorine Sanitizers
and Quaternary Ammonium Compound Water Based Sanitizers

 Eliminates knifes from being placed in harvester’s pockets, on harvesting equipment or improperly stored elsewhere. 

An inexpensive added way to help minimize contamination

Attached to belt, it will not interfere with bending
While positioned in its own sheath, the knife can be
stored in chemical sanitizers during harvesting breaks and stored in
sanitizers overnight.
The design allows for sanitizers to flow freely inside sheath and around knife blade.

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see discriptions page for dimensions

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